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What we do

If you’re like us, you put the customer at the heart of everything you do. You’re always looking for ways to deliver better customer service. At The Third Floor we start by making sure your processes are fit for purpose. Our practical approach to process improvement will help you find a better way. 

Our process improvement specialists work with your team to quickly identify and improve those processes slowing your business down.

Our clear focus is on putting your customer at the heart of your decision-making and business processes. We will help you:  

  • Consistently exceed customer expectations
  • Eliminate waste and defects from business processes
  • Improve staff accountability and performance 
  • Deliver customer centric initiatives

We offer quick win solutions to fix a specific process issue. We can work alongside your team to document, optimise or design core processes. Or you engage us to create process improvement capability in your organization.

Our team draws on deep experience as process improvement specialists with qualifications in lean six sigma, supply chain management, software development and engineering.

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Process improvement solutions

Our out of the box process improvement solutions are designed to deliver some quick wins in your business.

Process mapping

Our process mapping workout will document your challenging process, your desired objectives and provide you with a structured path to measurably improved results. 

A quick and painless intervention, in a series of two workshops we will give you a visual and easily communicated way forward for new processes or those that just don’t seem to be working right now.

Timing & Price
1 – 2 weeks & less than $8,000

Process Mapping

Process workshop

This highly focused workshop is the perfect disruptive tool to identify improvements to a process that is just not working the way it should. Take one day out with your team to resolve that one process that will improve the way you work.

Timing & Price
Less than 1 week & less than $5,000

Process Workshop

Waste elimination challenge

This quick, fun, team-building exercise will introduce your team to the discipline of process improvement and removes non-value adding activities at the same time. By concentrating on one key process in your business, teams learn to assess and improve the way they do their work. This exercise introduces your team to the concept of continuous improvement and will also lower your Workplace Health & Safety risk.

Timing & Price
Less than 1 week & less than $6,000

Waste Elimination Challenge

Design for value creation

This series of short, interactive workshops will see you design a new process from the ground up. We’ll help you create a strong foundation for a new or redesigned business area that takes into consideration what needs to be done, who you’re doing it for and what value is created along the way.

Timing & Price
2 – 3 weeks & less than $10,000

Design For Value Creation

Talk to us about your specific change management needs and we can create a change program that’s right for you.

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